Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center offers specialised care delivered by a team consisting of some of the best Physiotherapists in Abu Dhabi who follow a compassionate and outcome-based approach. Our expert team of physiotherapists uses evidence-based approach to provide highest level of care to help our patients achieve their maximum functional potential. Our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments and spacious treatment rooms.

Treatment & Services
  • Physical Therapy Assessment
  • Reassessment and Evaluation of Functional Abilities
  • Retraining Activities of Daily Living
  • Instruction in Work/Home Simplification Techniques
  • Upper Extremity Kinetic Activities
  • Restore and Reserve Joint Range of Movement
  • Muscle Evaluation and Quantification
  • Evaluate Muscle Lengths
  • Soft Tissue Mobilisation to Enhance Muscle Elasticity
  • Evaluate Muscle Hypertonicity and Hypotonicity
  • Normalise Motor Control
  • Assesses Skin Integrity and Sensation
  • Precautionary Skin Care
  • Massage Edema and Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Assesses Total Body Posture
  • Pulmonary Physiotherapy
  • Adaptive Equipment Recommendation and Training
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Dr. Neena  Bobben
Dr. Neena Bobben
Physiotherapist (Lymphedema Therapist)
Neena Bobben, is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) and a licensed Physiotherapist. She has completed her physiotherapy graduation (BPT) of 4 ½ years from Bangalore University, India in 2002 and has acquired the certification in Lymphedema Therapy at Belfast, UK under the Klose Training Centre recognized by the New York State Education Board of Physical Therapy. She is an active life time member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists.
She has served as a clinical physiotherapist in reputed hospitals in her home country for 8 years and has practiced as the Vascular Lymphedema Therapist at one of the prominent hospitals in Abu Dhabi for the past two years before joining Burjeel Day Surgery Center.
With competency and proficiency, Neena executes the Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) which includes the Lymphedema or Lipedema assessment, intervention of the Vodder Technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage along with Multilayered Compression bandaging and prescribes the appropriate class or customized compression garments. Her areas of expertise include, the Primary and Secondary Lymphedema, Lymphedema in children and Lipedema patients.
Neena is a passionate therapist working collaboratively with each patient and plays an inevitable role in helping them lead a quality life. She has been active in community talks and spreads awareness among the Lymphedema and Lipedema groups and members in UAE.
She is well versed in English, Hindi and Malayalam.. ...   Read more..
Mr. Mahmoud Osman Mahmoud
Mr. Mahmoud Osman Mahmoud
Mr. Mahmoud Osman, DOH licensed Physiotherapist, completed his degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Sharjah, followed by Diploma in Football medicine from the prestigious FIFA Medical Network. He trained in the most elite hospitals and medical centers across the UAE, in addition to the extensive experience that he obtained during his internship with Sheikh Khalifa Medical city in Abu Dhabi.
His areas of interest include treatment and management of musculoskeletal disorders (shoulder pain, knee pain, tendinopathies, neck and back pain, acute injuries etc.).
Mr. Mahmoud is keen about delivering the best quality of service to patients with up to date evidence-based practice.
He is fluent in Arabic and English and has knowledge of basic French. . ...   Read more..
Dr. Anuja Kunjankumar Shah
Dr. Anuja Kunjankumar Shah
Anuja Shah completed her Master's Degree in Physiotherapy from the Apollo College of Physiotherapy in Raipur, India. She has over 8 years of experience in reputed healthcare institutions in India and the UAE. She has been involved in pain management with the help of endurance training, postural education, radial shock wave therapy, ergonomic correction and soft tissue manipulation. Anuja keeps abreast with the latest developments in her field by attending workshops, seminars and conferences on a regular basis. She is well versed in English, Hindi and Marathi.. ...   Read more..
Dr. Suneel Kumar
Dr. Suneel Kumar
M.Sc Physiotherapy
Suneel Kumar has over 10 years of post-graduation experience in outpatient and inpatient physiotherapy. He has worked at inpatient rehabilitation focusing on intensive rehab for post-operative care orthopedics and neurology patients including stroke and long term conditions. He completed his Bachelors in Physiotherapy followed by a Masters from Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh UK. He is registered with the Health Professional Council, United Kingdom and is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, United Kingdom.. ...   Read more..
Raja                  Ramadoss
Raja Ramadoss
Raja Ramadoss is a skilled Physiotherapist with extensive knowledge of neurological and orthopedic disorders as well as movement problems related to injuries. He has pursued his Masters in Physical Therapy with a specialization in Neurology Physical Therapy [with the best Academic Graduate award]. He is also equipped with solid knowledge in the provision of physical therapy to children and has vast experience in Pediatric Physical Therapy.
Raja’s areas of expertise include treatment of neurological conditions [pediatric and geriatric rehabilitation], Musculoskeletal PT, Orthopedic & Sports injuries. He possesses strong experience working with children and in designing therapeutic programs to assist children in overcoming developmental delays. He has in-depth experience in treating Stroke and Parkinson’s patients.
Raja keeps attending numerous conferences and workshops to keep himself abreast in his area of specialty. He also has research work and presentations to his credit as he has keen interest in acquiring knowledge in his field.
Raja is fluent in English.. ...   Read more..
Ms.Tracy Lou Evarola
Ms.Tracy Lou Evarola
B.Sc Physical Therapy
Ms. Tracy Lou Evarola, has over 8 years of experience as a Physiotherapist. She has pursued her Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy from the Asian College of Technology in the Philippines. Her areas of expertise include musculoskeletal rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, geriatric and neurological rehabilitation. She is BLS certified and DOH as well as MOH licensed.. ...   Read more..