Laser Beard Shaping - Choose Laser, Not Razor

Male facial hair has never slipped out of fashion. From a symbol of masculinity to adding an extra character to your face, a prominent style statement among men today. As you know, growing a beard grabs you all the right kind of attention, then, what about a neglected messy beard? Yes, it's always frowned upon. Your face is an essential determinant of first impressions. Your facial hair also needs some serious attention.

Regular trimming and maintaining the shape of your beard is quite time-consuming. What if, provided with an option to skip all these troubles of conventional grooming? With the latest laser hair removal technology, you can now get freedom from the risk of cuts and razor burns.

What is Laser beard shaping?

Laser beard shaping is a permanent approach to remove the facial hair to carry a beard on point. The process makes your face look clutter-free by only allowing hair growth in the bearded zone. The treatment presents you with the convenience of not shaving and trimming for the rest of your life.

Step 1: Discuss your style of preference with our certified laser technicians.

Step 2:The process begins with marking the areas of treatment & removal of the unwanted facial hair with a razor to prepare this area for permanent hair removal.

Step 3:A numbing cream and a cooling gel is applied all over the marked region

Step 4: The Candela Gentle Max Pro, an advanced laser technology does its magic by offering instantaneous spot size changes in the targeted region to create a perfect beard zone.

Step 5: In about 6-8 sessions, you can achieve the desired gentleman look with a smooth and sleek beard line.

Why opt for laser beard shaping?

Along with a well-groomed look, the process also helps you to avoid the frustration of shaving every day. Moreover, it helps to reduce pimples by preventing Folliculitis. It acts as a permanent solution by saving cost and time.

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At Burjeel Reem, with an Advanced User Interface of Candela GentleMax Pro technology, we are able to provide an unmatched clinical performance by catering to individual preferences. With the supervision of our dermatologists, we ensure that you are in safe hands. It’s high time you replace your razors with our pro laser beard shaping experience.

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